Logistique ICM specialises in residential audio/video integration projects.

Sébastien HotteSébastien Hotte is a dedicated and consciencious owner who holds client satisfaction above all else. Having worked in the audio/video industry for over 15 years, he knows his trade. He’s worked as technician and sales advisor for many years in a high-end store.

Sébastien Hotte is Logistique ICM‘s project manager. He is involved in every system design. He’s also built a team of qualified technicians to ensure clients benefit from the best possible home installation, ensuring their satisfaction in using their newly acquired gear.

The Logistique ICM team ensures a strong collaboration amongst every professional required in the succesful installation of a residential audio/video setup.

Our company has developed excellent relationships in the industry. You can rest assured that Logistique ICM will deploy their leading edge skills and highest quality products to ensure your satisfaction.

Logistique ICM is a full service shop, a fantastic team and a well established company!

Logistique ICM Inc.
(514) 909-9010

Open Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

We serve the Greater Montreal Area and its surroundings

NEW! We now serve customers located in the Petite Nation's region in Outaouais.

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