No one offers such a complete, performing and user friendly line of electronic components like Marantz. Because they can be easily controlled and are highly versatile in the way they work, we are able to build systems that can easily adapt to your future needs. On top of that, Marantz products are extremely reliable and that’s why they are all covered by a 3 years warranty.

AV8003 Networking AV Preamp

Networking AV Preamp


Epson is the inventor of the 3LCD technology. Their complete line of projectors offers great value at a very reasonable price. Some of the higher end models can be adjusted to meet industry standards in image reproduction.





Panamorph was founded in 2001 and has since become the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the digital projection and home theater industry.  Their history began when home cinema purists demanded high performance add-on lens systems that could duplicate the film industry’s dramatic imaging process to deliver the true widescreen impact and performance of commercial cinemas.






For over 40 years, M&K Sound has set the standard for high resolution music and movie audio. Ambitiously engineered to go larger and louder than ever before, the Miller & Kreisel S300 Series is the natural evolution of our iconic S150 monitor.

The S300 Series is designed to let you hear exactly what is going on, no more and no less. With the S300 Series, we introduce the next dimension for the future of home cinema and music systems.

The S300 Series monitors meet and exceed the highest THX Ultra2 specifications to deliver music and movies with natural, effortless realism and power.


Music distribution systems give you access to different musical sources in mutiple areas in or out of the house. Each zone is controlled using your iPad/iPhone. Prices will vary depending on the number of available sources, zones and sound quality.





















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