Obtain advice from a qualified technician in order to make the best decision possible in terms of integrating all your equipment.

New constructions

If you’re just about ready to have your dream house or condo built, it is time for you to plan the integration of new technologies. Whether you want a dedicated home theater or a multimedia entertainment room, let our experts guide you in selecting the right equipment and on how to integrate them into your lifestyle.

We are also specialized in audio and video distribution systems. The centralized systems that we custom design for our customer’s needs offer great ease of use and flexibility. They can also easily adapt to emerging technologies. Because we hide away most of the electronic components, you’ll find that the overall look of our projects is uncluttered and extremely elegant.


While your room or whole house renovation is in the works, have ours technicians prepare the wiring needed to reinstall your equipment in a more esthetic way.

By hiding some of your electronics components and running the wires inside the walls we are able to make your system blend in your new design.


Use of an experienced technician to install all of your electronic gear, run wires through walls and ceilings, connect and configure your system, so you can be assured of an optimal audio-visual experience with your setup.


Even when new, your components need some adjustments in order to offer the best audio and video quality. A qualified technician brings his experience and special tools to perform a calibration of your equipment, according to your viewing and listening environment (lighting, room acoustics, etc).

It is also sometimes necessary to recalibrate your equipment if someone has changed their settings, if the components have been moved or reinstalled.


Our technicians can program your remote control so that it better fits your usage patterns and is ultimately easier for you to use. They can also reduce the number of remote controls you’ll need to operate your setup.

With certain remote controls, it’s even possible to automate complex functions, so that multiple operations can be achieved with the press of a single button. How many buttons do you have to press to watch TV?

We can also transform your phone or tablet into a fully functionnal remote for all your electronic devices.


Sometimes, people have had their audio/video equipment professionally installed, but may still need some help to understand how to operate their setup. Our technicians will take the time to show you how to use your remote control, how to record your favorite shows, help you understand the various picture stretching modes, how to use your digital audio files with your sound system, etc.

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